Life After Life Documentary Film Team Wins BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship

Tamara Perkins and Jesse Dana were awarded BAVC’s 2014 MediaMaker Fellowship which provides in-kind training and production grants for independent artists at work on social-justice film and multimedia projects. The MediaMaker Fellowship builds an engaged national community of creative media artists from diverse fields, increases their capacity for project completion and lasting impact. Today the filmmakers launched a new teaser for their documentary, Life After Life, that can be seen at See a blog about the edit process by trailer editor, Chris Walters co-founder of French Press Films here.

About the Film

Brutal childhood, life in prison, manhood interrupted, two ex-cons face their toughest challenge yet, freedom. For men raised on the streets, survival is linked to violence and respect is found on a path that leads to murder. The men in our film, Noel and Harrison, are incarcerated as teenagers for murder and come of age in prison. Unfortunately, the status they earned inside runs counter to everything needed to be successful as free men. Now, they must provide for themselves and their families for the first time. Life After Life is a story of multi-generational violence, youth incarceration, life in prison, and the struggle to return home.

Life After Life  – Director / Producer / Writer

Tamara Perkins, is a changemaker who has developed transformative programs training at-risk youth and incarcerated men in filmmaking, spoken on prison and human rights issues in a TEDx talk and venues such as the Houston Institute for Race and Justice, and received the National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s Media for a Just Society Award.

Life After Life  – Co-Producer / Cinematographer

Jesse Dana is a cinematographer with over a decade of experience shooting in environments ranging from large sound stages to San Quentin Prison; his commercial work has earned him four Emmy awards, and many of his projects have appeared in festivals all over the world including Sundance, Tribeca and Cannes.

Life After Life  – Editor

Kevin Jones has been editing documentary feature films for over 10 years, including films such as the Emmy award winning “A Lion in the House” (2006) and the Tribeca Film Festival audience favorite “Burn” (2012).

Life After Life Team Contact Info

Tamara Perkins, Director / Producer / Writer

Jesse Dana, Co-Producer / Cinematographer

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